Let me introduce myself. . .

I am a Divine Songstress, Energy Worker, Creative, and Teacher, amongst other things, who heals through sound, touch, and word. I utilize my voice and other instrumentation to create powerful sonic experiences in one-on-one and group settings, and also creates and holds space for sacred ritual and ceremony. I am a Certified PureBioenergy therapist and a channel/medium for information [from wherever it comes], which I communicate via intuitive readings, spiritual life and business coaching, and simple conversation.

A big part of my own personal healing has been remembering my Spiritual nature. My connection to Spirit runs deep; however, I had forgotten, or perhaps didn't tap into, the fullness of this relationship until I arrived at my late 20’s. It was then that I truly became open to the vast array of philosophies, systems, and practices to which I had never been exposed. While I am a practitioner of Ifa (a traditional cultural, philosophical, and spiritual system developed by the Yoruba people of West Africa), and is lover of all expressions of Spirituality. All of the experiences I have had, people I have encountered, and ideas I have contemplated thus far (and over many lifetimes) have led me to the conclusion that God is ALL of it…the All that Is.

I believe that Spirit is [in] everything and that Spirituality boils down to the way we interact with ourselves and the world(s)—seen and unseen—around us. It is how we connect to the Source that is [and created] us. Every reflection of the All that Is—available through each person, place, thing, and circumstance—teaches us the lessons we need to learn when we need to learn them. They help us to remember who we are…they remind us that we are whole.

So I am here to be of service as the specific piece of Existence that my soul came here to be. My work is to ground the ethereal and assist individuals in raising their vibration. I am a mirror reminding you that you have permission—you have always had it—to be who you are. I am dedicated to companioning you along your journey towards remembering your nature, [re]connecting to your awareness, developing self-love, and maintaining balance. All while navigating the ebbs and flows of this beautiful life.

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