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Testimonials (Share your experience working with ONYI)

I came to Onyi because I was struggling with hormonal imbalances. After our first session, I noticed that my night sweats had stopped. And even well after my sessions ended, the night sweats have yet to return! I'm ever so grateful for the PureBioenergy work that she does. It's a true miracle! Thank you, Onyi! The work you do is invaluable and so truly transformational. —Nikki H.


Onyi's calm yet powerful essence brought so much meaning to our wedding weekend. She was organized and thoughtful leading up to our gathering, and during the opening and closing ceremonies she led, Onyi was fully in the present moment. Along with her capacity to dive deep into spirit territory, Onyi has a lightness and grace that brings joy into any room. It was such a pleasure to have her as a focal point for our wedding. Thank you Onyi! —Hannah & Henry


I had a reading with Onyi during a time in my life when I just felt like I needed a little direction or maybe not even direction, but some confirmation and encouragement that I was going in the right direction. The reading definitely gave me that and more. I felt a lot of joy and sweetness simply in engaging with her, her energy is just so fresh and alive. I deeply appreciate how grounded and authentic her reading was. She wasn’t following any certain formula for the reading, it was much more intuitive and with the flow of the conversation and the things she was picking up on/receiving in the process. Besides that this ended up bringing a lot of insight and wisdom, the process in and of itself is inspiring about the way I want to move through life. Although the reading had and open flow and process-oriented approach, I left the reading with some concrete “tasks” or rituals that I immediately started to apply to my life. These things have led to deeper and more fruitful connections to the beings around me both human and non-human. Overall, I am amazed by Onyi’s ability to hold space for both the unknown flow of the process as well as grounded practical guidance. It’s rare to have such a graceful combination and speaks to Onyi’s commitment to a deeply beautiful balance that infuses her readings and everything else she offers. — Jennifer E.


Onyi possesses a very strong connection to spirit. She is has a direct line in her readings and is wise beyond her years. I received specific rituals, action steps, and emotional clarity related to my challenges. One of the insights that came through for me was to wear the color green and load up on green foods. I decided to keep the green diet going after the success I had from following spirit's protocol. I make myself a green smoothie every morning. My reading enabled me to get deep clarity on issues I was dealing with and shine a spotlight on emotions that were under the under the surface wanting to be healed. —Anonymous Client


I’m here to share my experience with Onyi and her powerful form of energy work. She is a divine channel to source energy, one that works in such a subtle , gentle, yet profound way. I have been on this path for whet feels like lifetimes and rarely have met a soul as beautiful as Onyi. She will not only reset your energy field and clear subtle blockages, but she also channels profound guidance from your ancestors. Physically she released tension in areas of my body that I was not even aware I held tension / stored emotions. I had been experiencing upper back pain for some time and had been to chiropractic clinics, trainers, massage therapists, acupuncture. The only thing that ever helped was acupuncture and it was temporary. But after my first session with Onyi, it was no longer a source of pain. I am very grateful for the stellar energy work and guidance received. I would absolutely recommend Onyi and her services to anyone on the bath to physical and emotional wellness and sovereignty. Source Love. — Angelina B.


I've had the opportunity to be under Onyi's care & healing light a few times in different life & physical spaces.  When someone loves what they do, when they trust their power, when they move with sacred is felt.  Her approach to healing blending music, voice, tradition, and healing touch is a special experience.  I'm immensely grateful for the mirror she held up for me and the shifting that followed.  —Shena Y. 


Onyi designed a series of musical notes, sounds and song elements — on the spot in studio — for an extremely unique theatrical production. Her interpretation skills with story were perfectly matched with an exquisite knowledge of her own vocal instrument. Her knowledge of Orisha songs was impressive and so helpful. She was asked to help with musical sounds for an original and imaginary environment of supreme beings, one that has no real description - and she was able to do so. It was wonderful. She is a joy to work with. — Nick G.


Onyi explained to me the power of the healing work she does. I thought it was a great idea to try it out since I was having surgery in a week. I thought it would be a really great idea to do it before the procedure so I´m prepared, more peaceful and with better energy and also, so everything goes well. We started the sessions with a call from her, then I sat down as she told me for 25 minutes. After every session, I felt more peaceful, with less stress and no pain in my body. I think it is really worth trying! My surgery went great and I’m recovering very fast, thanks to many factors including her healing sessions. I want to do it again soon. Thank you Onyi! —Odilia B.


Onyi did a PureBioenergy healing on me, during the process I felt as she was cleaning a layer of myself off. After I felt as I was glowing , grounded and centered. During the healing I felt her cleaning my aura, and the connection she was having on my 3rd eye as well.—Angel G.


Onyi consulted on an information guide I created called Ancestral Altars 202. I both sell this info guide and utilize it in my workshops, so I wanted something thorough and coherent. Onyi assisted by going over the draft of the document and making notes wherever she had questions or saw gaps in the information I presented. She also made editorial comments on spacing and style and how the document read as a guide. With Onyi's assistance I was able to be more clear about my intent—something I had forgotten to make the space to explicitly do—and her questions helped affirmed my desire to build out the guide more thoroughly than I was initially going to do. By the time I had gone through and incorporated all of the comments Onyi made that I needed to, I was also inspired to add some more details in retrospect that I otherwise might not have thought to do. Additionally, Onyi attended my first workshop as a guest. Something I highly recommend those working with her see if they can do (based on her availability and interest, of course). That transition from paper to in-person worked very organically and it was very grounding and assuring to have Onyi in the room. She holds space and is very sensitive and aware. She offers great contributions when she chooses to share. And she was able to provide extra feedback as a result of being invited to attend my workshop free of cost. We both saw the effect and results of our work in real time and that was an experience for me that was valuable. It also set my workshop bar very high! I highly recommend Onyi for all consulting, space clearing and holding and review or advisory work. She's a great guide!—Sanyu N.


Onyi practiced healing on myself and my team members during our last meeting before one of our huge events. She individually worked on all of us. The shift of energy every time she picked a new person to come up was something I have never really felt before. After she did PureBioenergy on me, I felt lighter, calm, and especially relaxed. Her music playlist was exceptional and it was what my team really needed. I recommend this to those who are being swallowed up by stress as this allows time to just sit and breathe.—Morea S.


We had the pleasure of showcasing Onyi's expertise and vibrancy into the production of “Food Relay Los Angeles”. Our series has brought us all over the globe and the scene we cast Onyi for was to celebrate Afro Cuban cuisine, create an altar for our ancestors, discuss connection through cuisine, educate about the tie between meals eaten in certain communities and the Orishas, and a dance embodying Oshun. Working with her was seamless, a fun co-creation, and grounded in respect for the Yoruba tradition. She brings a sense of authenticity and legitimacy to any project. Her warm smile and confident essence lit up the screen. —Paige M.


Onyi gave a group healing and the experience was wonderful. We were in a circle, having a one on one time with Onyi. It was amazing, feeling the energy of those around me and looking at them, a sense of relief. When my turn came up I felt a vibration, I could hear every noise and movement.—Anonymous Client


I have known Onyi for several years now, and I have been aware of her healing services for a while. Being a martial artist and musician, I have my share of injuries and pain. I have done physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, natural remedies, and pharmaceutical remedies. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about energy healing, especially healing that does not involve any physical contact. I had a pain develop in my hand, and being a musician, it was a big concern for my livelihood. I am accustomed to aches and pains and things, but this one was not subsiding, and was actually getting worse. It was getting to the point to where it was hurting a lot to just put socks on, open up a small wrapper for food, open little plastic bags, etc. I was trying massage, topical anti inflammatory, oral anti inflammatory, the usual stuff. Nothing was really helping it. One day, I was getting acupuncture for my hip, and I had them address my hand as well. My hip felt better after the acupuncture, but my hand actually felt worse. The pain was getting pretty severe, and I finally asked Onyi to take a look at it. Although I believe in the use of energy for healing, I couldn't help to think that her treatment felt like it was not to be taken seriously, and in a way a little silly (healing by waving her hands around me!) She asked several times during the treatment if I felt any better, and I was really trying to believe in it, but it did not feel better. She did a few more things, and in the end I felt nothing, or maybe a tiny little bit. She said to see how I felt tomorrow. Much to my surprise, the next day, the pain was GONE. I couldn't believe it at first, but I kept feeling my hand in disbelief, tried moving it around, testing it. No pain. Next day, same. No pain. It was gone. Onyi made me a believer! Highly recommended, and all done with a positive smile! —Bobby E.


Onyi was a bit of many things I had been needing and looking for. As I started talking to her, I knew that I could trust and open up to her. Her warm spirit was inviting. Her wisdom was both soothing and affirming. Onyi was a great listener and she kept it real with me. What a spiritual experience! She provided me with a few tools to assist myself in my situations. I’m very thankful for our dialogue. I felt like I got sucked in to a black hole while talking to her. The time had moved so fast and I didn’t realize it. I’m looking forward for another opportunity to have a sit down. —Jamal L.


Onyi, Thank you so much for leading the Opening Ceremony of my Black Sun: A Sonic Ritual experience. Your voice & healing energy was exactly what my guest needed to let down their walls and get centered into a place of trust and fluidity. The feedback I received from the participants was that you "healed parts of themselves that they didn't know needed healing" and that "they felt their ancestral lineage come through your voice taking them on a journey back to the mother land." I'm excited for more opportunities to work with you and experience your magic.— Siana-äiti Moirae


September 7, 2018 was the most magical day ever for me. It was the day my husband and I were married. Onyi’s amazing energy and beautiful spirit contributed to our day on so many levels. She provided  the most amazing sound bath/healing ritual that truly set the to Tone (pun intended lol) for our ceremony. We had a small intimate beach wedding so we wanted to create a Energy that was calming, and cleansing for our guests. And Onyi did just that. Onyi surrounds each guest with not just beautiful Solfeggio Frequencies but an Abundance of Love and Positive Light for each guest to bask in. We are extremely grateful for her. —Rashi P.


Onyi came to do a clearing for my house shortly after I moved in.  My home is my sanctuary and a house of welcome for my friends and family. Thank you Onyi for helping me set the tone for my new home. —Louise M.


Onyi is a genuine, caring and nurturing healer. She pays attention to what the clients needs are, as well as what spirit is saying to her to relay messages that need to be said for even more spiritual healing. I have had the most amazing healing experience with Onyi on a couple of different occasions. I went through a bad break up and was doing a cleanse on my home with purging items and needing new bedding/pillows. Onyi picked up pillows for me and placed them on her alter to pray over me and where I laid my head to protect my (Ori = head) .  When I came to pick up the pillows we spoke for a bit and she gave me feedback on what spirit told her. She spoke of water leaking from me and me needing to drink more of it. She told me to pray over my water and thank the water before I drank it. Later that week I went to my doctor and he explained to me that I needed more water in me because I was filled with enough sodium in my body to lay out an elephant. Flushing my system right now is helping with my severe high blood pressure. Onyi was right about everything she said. The other time was at an event where I received treatment from Onyi.  Her treatments are filled with so much healing energy. While she was working on my feet. I could feel complete tingling in my feet. I could totally feel the energy she was working with. Onyi cares, that's what makes a difference in healing. She listens and that's the key part. She shares what spirit is saying to give her clients more information for them to heal properly.—Lucy T.


Onyi is an amazing healer. As soon as I stepped into her space, I felt at peace. The reflections that she has you complete before and after sessions really allow you to step out of yourself and be truthful about what you are feeling and why. I felt an immense energy during and after her sessions. I was having terrible writer's block and just an overall feeling of apathy regarding my career and other areas of my life. Since working with her I have been so much more clear minded and productive. I am learning to draw the things that I want and need into my life and also to look at things from a more objective perspective. She truly helps you unlock the power within. —Anissa, F.


Onyi is sensitive, sincere, and active listens to both you—the client—but more so to Spirit. I have had the opportunity to receive an Intuitive Reading with Onyi. Her connection with Spirit is strong. She shares with you what’s coming up for you, then allows you to speak and share your concerns, and in return, shares the wisdom that has been imparted into her. She is more than an Intuitive Reader, Onyi is a spiritual life coach as she encourages you to dig deeper into the root of the feelings and circumstances that you are currently experiencing. I highly recommend Onyi to anyone who may be new or seasoned in receiving readings for clarity, understanding, and insight.—Laquisha T.


I came to Onyi to maintain. I came to her because I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist who not only deals with other peoples traumas but was certainly grappling with traumas of my own...The session was the spiritual check up I needed. I was able to sit with Onyi initially and let her know where I was at and what "demons" I was fighting this month. Very easy convo...woman to woman. Then she took me into her work space and I can remember little else because her touch and voice sent me to another realm. A place where I could lay the day out, see my future, see my progress. I could commune with myself and she was there guiding me in and around the maze. There was care taken at the beginning and end of the session and I can say that I've been back since for necessary "check ups." I left her table feeling lighter and more attuned to the person I've been trying to get back to. Happiness is a choice it cannot be bought seeking help is a choice....and anyone who seeks out a Onyi will leave happy they did...happy with their choice to continue the healing.—Lauren M.


I came to Onyi's healing a year ago after I started experiencing re-occurring pain from a back and neck injury. As someone who knew little about Reiki or any other energy healing practices, I appreciated Onyi's thoughtful responses to my questions and her thorough explanations and descriptions. Connection and energy can be different for everyone but I can  definitely attribute my body's healing to Onyi's energy practice. —Blake M.A.


I noticed one of Onyi's posts stating that she was doing free readings for a limited time that week. I jumped at the opportunity not only because it would be a session with Onyi, but because I had never had a reading ever before. Our session was through Skype and that didn't matter at all. I genuinely felt like I was sitting across the table from her in a quaint  garden cafe. Onyi spoke words that resonated with me from the first word spoken. So much care was taken to understand me (and the situations that I made appear much bigger and way more important to me than my self worth and self love.) Within that short visit with Onyi, so many feeling and ideas were released. Trapped emotions that I had about myself surfaced and I was able to really deal with them. I'm still dealing with them. And I thank GOD, the Universe & Oshun for Onyi being the vehicle of truth for me to resonate with. She is a Goddess! —Pamela C.


Working with Onyi has been life changing and powerful. She is an amazing energy worker, after the first time she cleansed the space and grounded my team for an event I put on, I knew I found the perfect person to move energy in all areas of my life. Onyi is the first person I call to do energy work for me personally as well as the events I do. Onyi did a wonderful cleansing and clearing of my new home before I moved in and I can feel the lightness of my space. She's also amazing at doing spiritually infused tribal body paint. After painting the people who attended my housewarming the feedback I got about her and her work was nothing short of magical. People expressed that after being painted they felt free, beautiful, empowered, and grounded. If you're looking to have a Energy worker who is loving, talented, powerful, graceful, and enlightened Onyi is the goddess you should call. —Siana M.


I was cynical about energy work but was having severe and continuing knee problems and decided to schedule a session with Onyi since nothing else seemed to work. During the session Onyi helped me relax and lose tension throughout my body - tension I didn’t even know I had.  I definitely felt better.  But, I wasn’t sure she actually helped with my knee problem.  After a few days without pain I realized her form of healing really worked.  I am still pain free months later. I recommended Onyi to my daughter who has been seeing Onyi regularly ever since.  I would recommend her to everyone with great enthusiasm. —Bill G.


There are so many things that I learned just from working with Onyi twice. One of the key things is that we have the power to heal as long as we want to heal and we take steps toward healing. We even have the power to heal ourselves and if we have forgotten that we can heal ourselves there are many tools that can work too. One tool is Bio energy work. Beyond Bio Energy sessions with Onyi her knowledge of spirit and her care is the most important thing you will receive in a healing session. She is also, an incredible listener and spiritual warrior. I will absolutely do more bio energy with Onyi —Lauren V.