What is the Power that is YOU?


Do you recognize that it is yours? Not as an object or right to own. But as the natural property of who you are...of what anything is. The ability to be. Being. And if you are here (i.e. you exist) then it is a given.

Everything has power. Actually, everything IS [a] power. The word "has" is tricky for folks because they use it to create the idea of possession.

This brings us to "force"...what we humans oftentimes mistake for/as power. Look at some of the people, creatures, or objects we usually consider powerful—those that exert a great deal of force or appear to have the ability to do so. Many of us have been conditioned to have this perspective. Now, if the power of a thing is its ability to utilize force in a positive (or neutral) and beneficial way—to do what is necessary to be done—that's one thing. Buuuttt yeah, in this dimension, many of us have it twisted.

Force (looking at what I see as the negative expression and misused action) is what those of us who have forgotten our power often use to violate others. Rather than face and thus heal the idea of our powerlessness, we project our resentment and other negative emotions onto others and engage in behavior we imagine will fill our power tank. The irony is that this behavior only illuminates our negative beliefs; and by continuing to ignore the actual and deeper issue, we continue to add force and other things to the feelings that are generated. 

But you wanna know a secret???

None of us is never not powerful. 


What we actually do is use our power to create the idea or experience of disempowerment. We are using the Life Force Energy that courses through every aspect of our being to create all of our experiences (including our response to circumstances). We use our power to do whatever it is that we choose to do with ourselves and everything/one around us. Ain't that a trip!?! In every given moment, in every encounter, in every location, we are so powerful, we get decide how we show up.

I often hear people talking about giving away their power. I’m pretty sure I’ve conveyed that idea myself. But in considering this lately, you know what I’m discovering? We do not ever give away our power to anything. We literally can not do so. Again, you are a power…I am a power…we don’t own power. So there is nothing to even give away. We can possess certain objects…we perhaps may be able to give them away. We can take objects from others and they can do the same with us. But power…no. Power was never ours to possess and thus given or taken away. It is ours to be.

Annnnnd…even in those situations where we act out the idea of taking things from others or them taking things away us, consider that on some level(s) there was an agreement between all beings involved to co-create those experiences and have everything play out in specific ways. By no means does this excuse behaviors…but rather creates the opportunity to experience illumination, elevation, and transformation. 

Damn. Now that is powerful.

So then, what is the power that is YOU, and how are you choosing to be it?

Photo by Letticia Bissondut during Mbombo Restaurant’s Alice in Motherland event

Photo by Letticia Bissondut during Mbombo Restaurant’s Alice in Motherland event

Felicia Richards