You are surrounded by mothers
In different forms
Seen and unseen
Past, present, and future, all existing now
They hold you
They remind you how to hold yourself
And as you heal, you heal them as well

Look to all of them
Honor them and their energy
Within and outside of you
And remember that...
You are loved
You are protected
You are nurtured
You are a blessing
You matter because you exist

Walk in the world carrying this knowledge.


Video Description:

My sis @beingxiana and I (together we are S.O.S = Sounds of Sweetness) rehearsing an arrangement I did for one my favorite songs in the Afro-Cuban tradition for Yemaya. Yemaya is the Lukumí name/iteration of the Oriṣa (pronounced Orisha) Yemoja. In much of the diaspora, Yemaya is associated with the ocean (oftentimes the parts of it that we can see); while traditionally in Yoruba land (Nigeria), Yemoja is a river deity. In all cases, she deals with all that encompasses motherhood and so much more. We didn't plan on having it recorded; but her friend walked in while we were practicing and was so enchanted that he asked if he could film us. Such a lovely and unexpected blessing.

Filmed by @samueljmusic.

Stay tuned for my official recording of this arrangement and other music from me.

Felicia Richards