What Version of Earth Do You Prefer?

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I was having a conversation with a group of people recently about the state of this country specifically, and the “world” at large. I put the world inside quotation marks intentionally because this idea of a singular world that we are all experiencing in the same exact way is completely false. There are multitudes of worlds existing simultaneously here and now.

One person was speaking about the direction we're heading and said that we're all “basically fucked.” Others agreed, and the conversation continued with talks about leaving for a better place (i.e. another country) and other decisions.

I paused for a moment and considered what she had said. I thought about the various iterations of this same sentiment that I have come across at different times, on social media, etc. Attaching to doom and gloom can be made to seem easier than intending for the alternative. If anything, it feels as though we are so conditioned to move in this direction that it’s almost automatic…it has become habitual. However, once you recognize that something is a habit, then it is no longer that. It is all a choice..

I finally turned to her and asked, "Is that what you prefer?”
"Of course not!" she replied.
"Ok, so I’d encourage you to be mindful of putting that out there as the future you are saying is certain, and act in alignment with the future you prefer.”

She considered this for a moment and could understand what I was saying, yet she continued with, “Well, I say it that way purposefully to scare people so that they will change.” Fair enough, part of me thought. However, I was still alerted to and communicated to her the energy of resignation and defeat that was laced in her statement and position…in addition to the idea of using fear as a tactic. When will we start to recognize the immense power we have in creating our realities through our thoughts and words?

You see, when we already decide that the “world” we don't prefer is what will show up, then knock knock...it's already here. Past, present, future all exist NOW. And any version of Earth you can imagine exists in some dimension. So you are literally opening the doors...the crossroads..to that world and stepping into it. You are evoking these worlds through the manifesting power carried in the words you are speaking not only outside of you—the vibrations strike and ignite the molecules of everything around—but also within you. Your thoughts, additional words, and actions will begin (or perhaps continue) syncing up to that version you have just spoken into being.

We are master creators—in either direction.

Many of us keep saying we want a world that is free from disregard for and destruction of the Earth, white supremacy, patriarchy, gender discrimination, child abuse, and all of the —isms we all continue to engage in on some level. But in what way are we being a reflection of that desire? Why should the Earth you say you prefer to be on so readily accept you onto it? What are you doing to reflect back to it that you are of its vibration?

And rather than expecting others to do your work or reacting vehemently towards (and sometimes matching the same hateful energy of) those that are a reflection of what you don’t prefer, step up and take responsibility. Take that same energy (anger, shock, disbelief) and channel it towards transformation. Check yourself and what is triggering you so much so that you feel the need to fight negativity with negativity (which only breeds more negativity and changes nothing). Instead of pointing the finger at those that you so easily describe as “bad” or “evil” or “racist” or “misogynist” or “homophobic” or whatever else, look in the mirror to see what beliefs you maintain and behaviors you engage in or allow/stay silent about. No one is exempt from what we have co-created. And just because you may look like or fall into the category of the target of any type of subjugation, doesn’t mean that you are free from holding those ideas and doing those behaviors yourself. The consideration is not whether anyone of us is racist/bigoted/sexist/homophobic/etc. or not; it is to what degree do we all hold and operate from those beliefs and any place of privilege.

Focus on changing yourself. You will be a reflection to those that need to see you. You will inspire those that desire to change to do so as well. And you will one day open your eyes to realize that you are actually on the Earth you prefer, alongside those that are of the same vibration as you. Those that chose to not join you can have the world(s) they are intending for. It is their freedom to choose as it is yours.

Here are just some suggestions for actions you can take to change yourself and shift to a version of Earth you prefer…


  • Consider what spirituality is for you—how do you express it from your place of authenticity. If you have questions about it, do some exploration and have conversations with others. The more perspectives you can learn from, the more you will begin to see who you are and what you align with.

  • Develop a morning and/or ritual that reminds you of your connection to source and grounds you in this physical existence. Start simple and come up with something from your own creativity or follow the protocol of whatever tradition or system you practice.

  • Do some research into the traditional practices and ways of living, especially those of your own ancestors—they are you and you are them. There is much wisdom and medicine within these practices that can assist us in our modern version of humanity despite how advanced we think we are.


  • Know that you are worthy because you exist, and your unique reflection and perspective is needed in order for the All That is to be complete.

  • Move from a place of victimhood and disempowerment to one of power. Consider that you are so powerful that you either (1) co-created all of the circumstances in your life in order to learn the lessons you decided you needed to learn; or (2) no matter how the circumstances that have occurred in you life appear, you can always use them in a positive way to grow and help others.

  • Take responsibility for your feelings and emotions. No one can make you feel any way. People will do what they do and how we react or respond is up to us.

  • Use your reactions and emotions as alerts and illuminators to help you see what needs to be healed and how you need to proceed. Be mindful of using them as crutches and enablers to remain in a place or state of being that doesn’t serve you.

  • Know that your primary (if not only) responsibility is to be who you are as fully and as authentically as you can without infringing upon or violating others. All else will follow.

Physical Body/Health

  • Be good to your body—it is the vehicle through which you navigate this world. How you treat your body plays into how you treat everything and everyone else around you.

  • Do some sort of physical activity on a regular basis. Make sure it feels good and brings you joy. If you hate going to the gym (for example), but do it because of an idea of how you need to look, you’re creating more negative energy than you are ensuring your idea of positive results.

  • Go to health practitioners (whether they be conventional physicians or practitioners of “alternative” medicine/healing arts) that are supportive, collaborative, and focus on your health and wellness versus your dis-ease/illness.

  • Don’t put anything in or on your body that is not in alignment with it. If you don’t know what this is pay attention or seek people and practices that assist you in re-developing your awareness. Our bodies speak pretty clearly to us—we just don’t always listen or only pay attention to extreme signals.


  • Grow as much of your own food as you can, or find those who do and work with them (i.e. farmers markets, friends that have and can grow on plots of land, etc.). Support people and organization that work in the area of shifting thought and behavior when it comes to growing our own food such as:

  • Buy local and seasonal as much as possible.

  • Eat foods that are as clean (chemically and energetically) as you can. This can mean organic, non-GMO, free range, grass-fed, or other distinctions that you are aligned with and attest to the quality of the food.

  • Pray over and give thanks to and for your food. The energy of gratitude is powerful in and of itself. If you don’t have access to food that is the best quality for any reason praying over the best food you can get helps.


  • Clean up the environment! Many organizations coordinate and sponsor events like beach and river cleanups, etc. You can also take a few minutes everyday or on designated days to do this cleanup yourself around your neighborhood or at other designated sites.

  • Reduce and redefine waste:

  • Learn about, utilize, and support businesses in alternative and regenerative methods of building that work with the natural environment

  • Reduce plastic use, especially if its single-use

    • Use metal flasks, glass bottles, multi-use plastic containers, or biodegradable containers

    • Take reusable bags with you when grocery shopping

  • Walk, bike, take public transportation, drive a hybrid or electric car, carpool as often as you can if this is possible for you.


  • Work with children and help them develop to know that they are empowered and do not need to force their will onto any other beings. Allow them to develop in a safe environment where they can explore and experience the consequences of their actions before taking them in the real world. Be a reflection to them of the world you prefer.

  • Create or join multi-everything discussion groups within your family, neighborhood, schools to discuss topics such as racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Ensure the following:

    • That there is at least one person designated to act as the moderator, and one person designated to be the neutral witness to identify and point out things such as gaslighting, shaming, projection, tone policing, fragility, etc.,

    • There is a proper opening, closing, and acknowledgment of the ancestors and other energies

    • Action items are discussed for effecting change

  • Follow and learn from people doing work in the areas of race, gender, sexuality, and other topics. Also do your own work and research and don’t rely on others to do it for your.

  • Vote! And if possible, do so early which will reduce the likelihood of your vote being tampered with. And know who and what you are voting for. Create or join discussion groups to review ballot measures and candidates so that you are well informed.

  • Learn to take information in and respond with neutrality, especially when it comes to social media. Much of what is posted is either done so with the purpose of eliciting a reaction. Dig deeper before you make a judgment or post a comment. Not everything is what it seems.

Have any other suggestions? I see this as being a dynamic reflection and I would love to include any suggestions, insight and resources you may have if they are in alignment. Email info@onyi.love.

Felicia Richards