I See You Abundance


If you are seeking abundance...go outside.


Existence, Life, this Earth is abundant! But you know what, you can even stay inside and you will still find evidence of abundance in your life.

If you woke up today = Abundance

If you are breathing = Abundance

Whatever senses you have = Abundance

Whatever body parts, organs, systems that are functioning the way you need them to = Abundance

Whatever friends, family, acquaintances, or other relations you have in your life = Abundance

And so on and so forth…

A definition I heard for abundance that basically snatched my life and has stayed with me is as follows:

Having the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. —Bashar

I was so struck by this perspective…one that didn’t focus on having a lot of (blank). It made me really look to see all of the abundance that I have access to…that I’ve had all along. I’ve always had what I needed.

And what everyone needs will look different depending on the work that person came here to do on whatever levels it needs to be done. So there is no sense in comparing yourself to others, or using them as a barometer for what you imagine you should have (or are missing) in your life. In fact, what you are doing by comparing (in the negative sense) is slapping Existence, your higher self, your ancestors, and perhaps other beings, in the faces—basically saying that your ego knows better.

And consider too that there are different forms of abundance. Bashar speaks of 5:

  1. Money

  2. Trade/exchange

  3. Being a gift or giving a gift

  4. Synchronicity

  5. Imagination/Inspiration

When we are not receiving what we think we want through one of the forms, perhaps we should consider (and be grateful for) what we are receiving in another (or the others). And when we really think about it, ultimately it all may in fact add up to be “100%” of what we need (not "want"). “Let it come the way it needs to come.” He encourages. And it will shift as we shift.

So to me…

If we have an insistence on how our abundance needs to look: blockage

If we are not seeing the abundance that actually shows up: blockage

Much of our blockages are on us. Some of us are walking around praying for, doing ritual and ceremony for abundance; and abundance is literally trying to get our attention—waving its arms side to side, dancing around us, hair on fire. Like for real. But we are so tunnel visioned as we move through the world holding onto our ideas, conditioning, and negative beliefs that we just don’t see it. Well…wake up. Snap out of it. Be responsible and accountability. Make and be the change.

And the step in truly seeing more of what is available to us is being in gratitude for what we do have...the blessings we have already been given. If we are not grateful for all of that, then we sure as hell are not ready or able to create space for all that is waiting patiently for us.

Felicia Richards