October 2019 POTENTial

Has anyone else been feeling like the energy of October has been on one these days??

Ooo, lord have mercy. I mean really, so much has been happening this entire year; but there seems to be something quite potent right now. We are sitting in the POTENTial for powerful transformation to occur on many levels—individual and collectively—as we soak in Autumn, as 2019 comes to an end, and as the door is opened for 2020.

I myself have been sifting through a myriad of thoughts, beliefs, and experiences...shifting through multiple dimensions—some I perceive as heavy and negative, some my mind finds annoying because it thinks, I/we should be past that. Why do I/we still have to deal with this?

Response from Existence: If it’s [still] coming up in a negative/non-neutral way then it [still] needs to be healed [in you or someone else].

There is still the residual energy of ancestral pain, anger, sadness, trauma, oppression that needs to be brought to the surface (is actually being pushed up), acknowledged/owned, and then transformed. The ancestors are not just those immediate or distant departed relatives that we are more or less aware of; they are also those civilizations that existed in times further back than we collectively know of or can imagine (but whose energies continue to return and incarnate onto this Earth plane in order to transform darkness into light), as well as past versions of us as individuals in this “lifetime” (that are actually no longer us). Often times what we experience in our present state of being as belonging to us, may in fact belong to any (perhaps many) of those ancestors. Some things may be ours; but learning to decipher between the two is key.

Remember that we are constantly shifting and changing from moment to moment. We literally are/have blank slates from which we are able act in accordance with who we truly are from our highest excitement. However, we have been taught and continue to believe otherwise. And when we take on what is not ours (or keep what is no longer ours) and then use it to construct our reality, we continue to perpetuate old beliefs and stories, and use our power to stay smaller than we are.

The cycle(s) must stop.

No…we must choose to stop the cycle(s) and act in ways that support new trajectories.

What I am working on as it pertains to what I am feeling these days (i.e. what I perceive as the negative and heavy energy/emotions) is as follows:

  • Stepping more quickly into the position of Witness.

  • Sitting with the energy/emotions yet framing them as being either outside of me or things that I am sensing, perceiving, or detecting (like a barometer).

  • Inquiring as to whether the energy/emotions belong to me or others (including the collective on various levels).

  • Seeing the energy/emotions (or what they are pointing to) for what they actually are. Being honest about what is there and not sugarcoating, sanitizing, hiding, or excusing

  • Honoring, versus dismissing, the energy/emotions; while on the same token, not putting them on a pedestal and giving them more weight or validity than anything else.

  • Reflecting to those Ancestors still carrying the energy/emotions the power, freedom, and choice that I have in whatever ways they didn’t. If I have the privilege of speaking and standing up for them, I am practicing doing so more and more. If I have the ability to make choices that they either weren’t given the opportunity to make or in some instances didn’t believe they had the permission to make, then my doing so is revolutionary...for me and for them.

  • Being in gratitude for everything that does come up because it all gives me opportunities to heal myself and chip away at whatever isn’t me. And the natural bi-product is that ancestors are healed—because they are me and I am them—and a path of wholeness is created for my future generations.

This is [my] work y’all. And I’m moving more into a place where I see it as a fun and exciting challenge! We all have the ability and the courage to face whatever we have chosen to experience. Tap into the abundance of Existence for support. Also, call upon those ancestors that are healed—those that reflect to you strength, resilience, compassion, connection, and any other attributes that are necessary for you to remember and embody. Sit in council with them and ask that they show you the way(s).

Additionally, seek guidance from the future versions of yourself, to whom you are the ancestor. If we are helping the past versions of us heal, then we as past versions of future selves are healing through their reflection. Imagine what that version is like. Is that person more in touch with her/his/their power? More loving? More light? More inclusive? More aware and appreciative of the beauty of the Earth and all of its inhabitants? Draw inspiration from how you imagine that being to be. If you can imagine it, then it exists. Past, present, future, are all happening now. And the time is NOW to access the lessons and reflections of ALL to finally shed what no longer serves us.

Photo by Chris Anthony

Photo by Chris Anthony

Felicia Richards