Onyi's Birthday Ritual

Saturday, April 27, 2019 is my 37th birthday!

And as a gift, I have created a sweet 5-step ritual (see below) for you to do. Should you choose to accept and complete, I would love for you to do so on my birthday. Though as always, honor yourself first and foremost, and do what you can when you can. Feel free to leave what doesn't resonate with you, and swap out a step for another activity that excites you more.

  • Do this ritual 1 day and you will feel sweet and renewed.

  • Do this ritual 5-9 days in a row and you will experience some major shifts.

  • Do this regularly/beyond 5-9 days and you will experience deep transformation in ways that you would not have even imagined.

A big thank you to those who have truly seen and supported me at any point throughout my 37 years on this Earth. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

With joy, gratitude, and in loving service,


• • • • • STEP 1 • • • • •

First thing in the morning when you wake up touch your head (ori). Hold both of your hands gently yet firmly on your head—whether it be the sides, the front and back, the top. Thank your[higher]self for waking up. Express gratitude to it for choosing to be in this life to experience everything that you need in order be more of who you are. Go to the mirror and take a really good look at yourself. Admire everything about you...your features...your uniqueness. Tell yourself (out loud) how much you love yourself; how beautiful you are; that you are worthy not because of anything you’ve done or how others see you, but simply because you exist.

• • • • • STEP 2 • • • • •

Before you eat or drink anything else, pour yourself a glass of water (omi). Hold the glass and think about all the things water does for you...everything that water does for our planet. Pray/speak into the water. Thank it. Ask it do what you need it to do inside you. It already knows what it came here to do, and your words and intent reinforce this…they add power. Drink the water and feel its coolness flowing down your throat into your stomach. Stand/sit still for a moment and experience it flushing into and throughout your system.

• • • • • STEP 3 • • • • •

Treat yourself to a wonderful meal—whether you prepare it yourself or go to a favorite restaurant (or new one you've been wanting to try). If this meal can be prepared or shared with loved ones, wonderful! Make a plate, take a portion, or even order something to-go for your Ancestors (egun). Place the food on your Ancestral altar if you have one. If not, anywhere in your house you feel comfortable leaving the food (for up to 3 days) will be fine.

• • • • • STEP 4 • • • • •

Reach out to one person (or multiple people) in your life and really check in. Ask how they are doing. Be slow to speak. Mostly listen and hold space. Tell her/him/them you love and appreciate him/her/them. And do it through a phone or video call. Avoid text if possible, unless it is literally the only option available to you. Voice messages are lovely alternatives as well.

• • • • • STEP 5 • • • • •

Decide on a time that you will go to bed (it doesn’t matter when as long as it is in alignment with your natural rhythm), and prepare for that at least 1 hour before. Turn off all electronic devices or anything else that will be a distraction/overstimulation. Take a bath/shower and imagine you are washing away everything that no longer serves you that you have collected or attached to throughout the day. If you write/journey, take a moment to write down anything that stood out to you about your day. Once you finish, lay down and remind yourself of your joy and peace. While lying in bed, place your hands on your heart and speak (out loud) words of gratitude to yourself, your Ancestors, Guides, Angels, whomever...for the day that you had, everyone you encountered, and everything you learned. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to drift away.

• • • • • Rest & Be Well • • • • •

Please send me a testimonial letting me know how you felt after doing the ritual—what it helped you shift, how it touched you, etc.

For one-on-one guidance on creating your own personal ritual, schedule a Spiritual Life Coaching/Reading with me.

For group rituals, visit my Offerings, Rituals, & Ceremonies page.

Photographer: Farah Sosa  MUA: Nena Soulfly  Facedot Adornment: Onyi

Photographer: Farah Sosa

MUA: Nena Soulfly

Facedot Adornment: Onyi

Felicia Richards