Sweet Sacred Sundays with Onyi: May Edition

Hello Loves!

It is my joy and excitement to offer Sweet Sacred Sundays with Onyi during the month of May!

How appropriate: May is the 5th month of the year (in the Julian and Gregorian calendars); 5 is the number of Oṣun|Oshun|Ochun|Oxum, the Oriṣa that reminds us of the sweetness of and beautify of Life in general and the reflections of such in our individual lives specifically; we are still swimming in the bloom of Spring and are constantly reminded of the sacredness, magic, and abundance of Life; so much more.

Whether you consider Sunday to be the end or the beginning of your week, treat yourself on this transitional day by spending some time with me. Give yourself permission to surrender to the beautiful and healing energy created by the combination of our love and power.


4 Sundays in May (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th)

7pm - 9pm | $25 each | $90 for all 4

Each evening will be its own separate and unique event filled with any or all of the following:

~ Sound Healing ~

The singing of songs, the playing of various melodic or percussive instruments, or the utilization of other music to create and harness the power of sonic vibration

~ Intuitive Messages ~

The sharing of messages from whatever sources they may come (i.e. ancestors, guides, various divining tools, etc.) for each individual and/or the group as a whole

~ Energy Clearing ~

The clearing of energetic blockages for each individual and/or the group as a whole to create space for deep transformation to occur


I will determine the flow of the evening based on the energy of day, the energy of these times, and the energy of those present. Much of the work will be facilitated and conducted by me. Some evenings I may bring in guest facilitators/practitioners. At times there will be group activities, at other time I will be conducting the work and holding space for people to process in whatever ways they need.  All of it will depend on how spirit guides me for that evening. All you have to do is to trust that if you are guided by true excitement to attend a session, your higher self knows what it is doing and has a lesson for you to learn from the experience. Drop the insistence on any outcome and allow Spirit to do what it does.

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I look forward to being and co-creating with you.


Felicia Richards